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The church at Scrooby - St. Wilfrid's.

Online Articles by Jeremy Bangs

The following articles are posted online at the website of the Pennsylvania Mayflower Society - www.sail1620.org

Links to the articles directly are not working. For most of the articles, go to the sail1620 site and click on the section "Features" and then on "articles." My articles can be found be scrolling down the page, which includes other interesting articles by other authors. My article on Myles Standish's birth place, however, is found under the category (Features -) "Biographies," rather than "Articles."

"Always More Pilgrim Books – What’s Next? – A Bibliographical Survey"

"Thanksgiving on the Net: Roast Bull with Cranberry Sauce"

"Theocracy in New England"

"A Level Look at Land Allotments"

"The Pilgrims and Election"

"Myles Standish, Born Where? The State of the Question"

"The Untold Story - A Review of 'Desperate Crossing'."

Illustrated tour of Pilgrim sites in the Scrooby-Gainsborough area - "Pilgrim Country Tour" - part of the site of The Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Association.

Information about the museum and its collections, with viewers' comments, can be found on the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Facebook page.

Numerous additional Pilgrim-related articles by Jeremy Bangs have appeared in several journals. In The Mayflower Quarterly, for example: "The Cost of a Cloak made by Isaac Allerton in 1618" (1984, pp. 109-112), "Jonathan Brewster in Leiden Documents" (1985, pp. 161-7, 1986, pp. 6-16, 57-63), "Myles Standish, Born Where? The State of the Question" (2006, 133-159). In The New England Historical and Genealogical Register: "Towards a Revision of the Pilgrims: Three New Pictures" (1999, pp. 3-28), "John Rhoades and the Capture of Fort Pentagoet" (2003, pp. 53-57). In New England Ancestors: "An Unknown Seventeenth-Century Map of New England" (Fall 2002, pp. 53-53), "William Aspinwall in Leiden (Fall 2000, pp. 37-39). In Church History: "Dutch Contributions to Religious Toleration" (2010, pp. 585-613). Chapters in books: "Commemorating Colonial New England's First Families: The Triumph of the Pilgrims," (in Simons and Benes, eds., The Art of Family, Genealogical Artifacts in New England(2002, pp. 222-244)); "Re-bunking the Pilgrims" (in Yerxa, ed., Recent Themes in Early American History (2008, pp. 59-66). (Note: the foregoing sampling is not a complete list.)

Stained glass at Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Links to other sources

The most informative and reliable general website about the Pilgrims is that of Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This has a useful list of additional links.

Sail1620, The Pennsylvania Mayflower Society's site publishes articles and reviews, including several of mine, whose links are listed above.

Caleb Johnson has published many documents with useful commentary, focussing on the passengers on the "Mayflower" at his MayflowerHistory.com

Archaeologist Jim Deetz inspired the Pilgrim Colony Archive Project which publishes many original sources and some articles about the colony.

Leiden documents related to the Pilgrims are published online at Pilgrim Archives

For New England genealogical research, the site of New England Historic Genealogical Society is the best.

Dale Cook's site, The Plymouth Colony Pages provides extensive sources for the study of families in Plymouth Colony.

Genealogical and other sites related to the Pilgrims are listed within Cyndi's List:.

Information about The Mayflower Society, and the web addresses of its constituent state and regional societies, can be found on its site. Several of the state societies have interesting websites.

A series of exciting new paintings of the "Mayflower" voyage is in Marine Art from Mike Haywood