Jeremy Bangs

Jeremy Bangs in the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum.

Jeremy Bangs is Director of the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Foundation. He was born in Oregon but has lived in Leiden over 30 years. After study at the University of Chicago, he completed his degree work at the University of Leiden (Ph.D., 1976).

In 1980, as an American historian on the Leiden Archives staff, he was asked to answer visitors' questions about the Pilgrims, a topic new to him, and one that inspired further research and the publication of new documentary evidence.

He has served as Curator of the Leiden Pilgrim Documents Center of the Leiden Municipal Archives (1980-1985), Chief Curator of Plimoth Plantation (1986-1991), visiting curator of manuscripts, Pilgrim Hall Museum (1994-1996). His research on the cultural history of Leiden in the 15th and 16th centuries was supported by grants from The Netherlands Organization for Pure Scientific Research, Z.W.O. and from the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden (1972-1977). He was Visiting Distinguished Professor of Art History at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 1986. He founded the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum in 1997.

Bangs has published several books and many articles about the Pilgrims. They are presented in the Historical Research part of this site.

He has also published a variety of books and articles on Dutch art and architecture, and Dutch and American history. His books on non-Pilgrim topics include:
Cornelis Engebrechtsz.'s Leiden (1979);
Church Art and Architecture in the Low Countries before 1566 (1997);
Swiss Sisters Separated, Pioneer Life in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Washington, from the letters of Louise Guillermin... (2003);
Letters on Toleration: Dutch Aid to Persecuted Swiss and Palatine Mennonites, 1615-1699 (2004).

His articles on historical and art topics have appeared in: Sixteenth Century Journal, Quaerendo, Renaissance Quarterly, Oud Holland, Bulletin KNOB, Doopsgezinde Bijdragen, Studia Rosenthaliana, Jewish Social Studies, Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (1986), Wallraf-Richartz Jahrbuch (1999), Church History, Historically Speaking, etc.