Foundation Overview


The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Foundation (LAPMF) is a Dutch non-profit cultural and educational "ANBI stichting", chartered in 1997, that promotes awareness of the significance of the Pilgrims in the Dutch-American heritage. The foundation's RSIN is 8063.07.717. As indicated also on this website's Visitor Information page, the museum address is Beschuitsteeg 9 in Leiden; the mailing address is Albertine Agnesstraat 80, 2316 EV Leiden, The Netherlands.

Specifically, the Foundation's four main activities are these:

•  running the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, which tells the Pilgrim story using collections of furnishings and artworks in a house built in 1370 whose rooms recall Pilgrim times;

•  carrying out a project to transcribe, edit and publish 17th c. documents related to the Pilgrims – thus providing the raw material for historians to use: e.g. in writing history books and articles

•  carrying out and presenting historical research through writing books and articles (in part but not only using transcribed raw material), presenting lectures, and attending conferences

•  running this website which contains: a, information on the above activities, and b, (much the greater in quantity) knowledge about the Pilgrims in Leiden.

In addition the Foundation participates in a variety of other activities by virtue of its status in the world of Pilgrim history, e.g. conservation projects, advice on commemoration events and exhibitions, etc.

As you will see the structure of this website follows from the above definition of the Foundation’s four main tasks.

Thus we have:

•   information specifically about the museum proper

•   information specifically about the records project

•   information specifically about the historical research and publications

and, much the most extensive,

•   a substantial body of knowledge about the Pilgrims in Leiden, richly illustrated by images from the Museum’s collection.

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